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"From Hopeless to Hopeful"

Sarah, who is in prison in Nebraska, shares her "Hopeless to Hopeful" story from inside prison walls.

    Lorri, one of our writers, shares her story. “Previously, I had been in jail.  After getting out in 2016, the Lord led me to write & encourage people in jails/prisons, to share with them that Jesus can restore their lives, like He was doing with mine.  

    "I have been writing a lady in York named Sarah, who I knew before she went to prison.  In 2014 Sarah was sentenced 70 years to life in prison. Women in prison lose most of the friends and relationships in their lives. My sister-in-law heard I was writing inmates and shared Sarah’s situation to me, wondering if I would write her, and I did.  Sarah and I have developed a friendship that has grown over the years, all glory to Jesus." 

   Here is a video, where Sarah's shares her story from inside prison...

God is using our letters and prayers, each month, to encourage and build a faith in Christ Jesus.  Sarah's story is a testimony, to the power of godly women, writing and encouraging women in prison and it is truly making a difference in their lives.