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Volunteer Opportunities Available

Volunteers are a very valuable asset to non-profit organizations. We thrive when we have the support of trustworthy enthusiastic volunteers sharing with us the gifts and talents God has given to each of them! Below is a list of volunteer opportunities that are typically needed. When you find one of interest, simply complete the information form below.


  • Letter Writers
    Letter Writers

    Letter Writers - We seem to have a never-ending supply of women entering prison seeking encouragement and/or books from Letters of HOPE Ministries. Likewise, we need more women to join our team to keep up with requests for writers.

  • Fundraisers

    Fundraising is part of every non-profits activity. Letters of HOPE Ministries looks for people who enjoy developing and managing fundraising projects connecting our mission with the community at large.

  • Photographer

    "A picture is worth a thousand words." Letters of HOPE Ministries is looking for those who can assist us in connecting stories and news with faces for our webpage and newsletters as we endeavor to tell women's stories and our ministry activities.

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