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Giving Tuesday November 28

Giving Tuesday a HOPE filled day

Letters of Hope is all about sharing the message of HOPE found in Christ Jesus with women in prison. He knows everything about them - their pain, their mistakes, their anger and the abuse they have suffered. Most have not had any hope for a normal life.

Jesus knows everything they have done and everything that has been done to them. He is all about healing their hearts and minds and uses our letters. We help them come to know a Savior, who also suffered, was beaten   unto death. He rose and offers a new life to those who will follow Him. 

You can play a part in helping our ministry, by partnering with us, as we reach out "to the least of these." In order that they come to know they have a Savior, who loves them, sees them and wants to heal their broken hearts.

As a LoHM partner,  you stand with us,  reaching women in prison with the HOPE for a better life - no matter how long the are in prison. We are all about passing on the Hope we have found, in and through Christ Jesus, with others.