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DO GOOD DAYS Omaha - April 19-22

Share Omaha DO GOOD Days Volunteer opportunities with Letters of Hope Ministries

DO GOOD DAYS Omaha - April 19-22

So, you have a passion for helping others. You’ve heard about struggles locally and nationally, you want to make a difference and you want to get involved with a cause.  We still need volunteers with Letters of Hope Ministries.  We are a non-profit organization sharing the HOPE found in Christ Jesus with women in prison. We help them see themselves as God sees them. Not as they see themselves, nor their family, friends, and not as the system sees them - rather how GOD truly sees them. 

1. Ponder how to volunteer.

Letters of Hope Ministries needs more passionate volunteers and donors who truly care about our cause and believe in our mission to share the love of God and hope found in Christ with women in prison. 

2. Think about your own life.

What experiences and encouragements have you had that inspire you to give back? To be an encouragement to a woman who feels lost and forgotten? Maybe you had a mentor growing up who really inspired you; in turn, you could be a mentor through your letters to a woman in prison. Or, maybe you had some tough challenges growing up, and want to help those going through similar situations. Reflect on your life to see if your heart connects with our cause.

3. Consider your strengths.

Next, consider your strengths. Volunteers are always valuable, but let’s be honest: there are some things we’re better at than others.  Think about what your strengths are and how Letters of Hope Ministries can utilize those strengths. Perhaps your skills are organizing or promoting events, fundraising, donations, or IT computer skills. All of these skills can greatly benefit our ministry. 

4. Examine your capacity.

Once you’ve identified your strengths, think about your capacity. This could mean anything from available time, to your actual mental or emotional capacity.  Do you have time available twice a month to write 2 women ?  Do you have the availability to be a letter writer? Think about what you’re capable of taking on right now.

5. Do your research.

Once you’ve considered your own life and discovered an area you care about, it’s time to find where your passion can benefit LoHM!  Research our mission, programs and available volunteer opportunities to see how we could fit into your life. 

Now that you know about Letters of Hope Ministries and want to help, reach out to us! Get in touch with LoHM and see how you can become involved to help make a difference in the lives of women in prison.