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A "Mail" HUG

Mail in prison is like getting a hug

From our mailbox:

“Getting a letter is like receiving a HUG - a humbling reminder that I'm not alone. The encouragement, edification, and fellowship in a letter helped me grow in my faith and understanding of the Word. This made a huge impact on my relationship with Christ and the way I relate to others. Living in a facility where we have 4-8 women in a 12' by 8' room, tensions run high and one can feel lonely even though one is never alone - anywhere! Mail lets us know we are not despised and forgotten, that God says we have a purpose and worth despite our mistakes and helps us to HOPE for a better future. That people care! Thank you so very much!” - C

The women that we write are very appreciative of the letters and cards our writers send each month, sharing the HOPE that they can find in Christ Jesus.