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MAKING A DIFFERENCE as 2021 is drawing to a close!

Replacing an Apple Computer

YOU can make a difference as we close out another year!! 

Praise God for the ministry He has given to LoHM as we write to women in prison. For certain, it is always increasing and growing EVERY week! PLEASE consider a one-time donation or recurring donations to further our LoHM ministry and meet our goals. DONATE

Computer Needed: A new Apple laptop computer for our office. Simply mark your donation APPLE and it will go toward this project. DONATE

Creative Writers Wanted: We are looking for creative persons to join of our LoHM team to compose news articles or blogs for our Website and our Facebook page. Also, assist us in getting the word out about LoHM by expanding our social media. NOTE: These projects can be done at home and through ZOOM staff meetings! Simply click VOLUNTEER

See you tomorrow as we close out 2021! God Bless You