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From Jenine's Mailbox - Part 3

"Using the strength I have to help those who are where i used to be."

Part 3: Jenine shares how the letters she has received have blessed her. “Each letter I received has made a HUGE impact on MY heart.!“

Here is a brief comment from Rebecca's letter, “I would like to let you know how much it means to me that you write me!" 

Melissa  “I’m sorry I haven’t written until now and that’s crappy on my part but I want to say THANK YOU for your continued faithfulness in writing."

“Letter Writing has impacted my life too. Their letters have made a huge impact on my life.” Jenine continues: “Just by using the strength I have to help those who are where I used to be, I get to show the Lord‘s goodness and be a blessing to someone else.“

Jenine encourages other women to “Get involved in Letters of Hope Ministries.” Just click on  VOLUNTEER to receive more information on becoming a volunteer letter writer in addition to other ways to volunteer.

Jenine goes on to share, “God is love and women in prison may not always be aware of God‘s love. I tell people about Letters of Hope and share how we are able to write ladies, we give them encouragement and the women give it back to us.”

We invite you to support us with a year-end gift of financial support as we encourage women in prison with the HOPE found in Christ. To give year-end or recurring donation to help LoHM meet our goals, simply click on  DONATE

*** Blessings to all our viewers & followers! Wednesday, we will share more ways to VOLUNTEER, see you tomorrow!!