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"He Makes Our Path Straight"

He Makes Our Path Straight

“I will go before you, and make the crooked places straight.”   Isaiah 45:2 NKJV

Think about walking on a crooked path. We may be deceived into thinking it’s a shortcut, but it’s a path that can lead to destruction. It’s winding and dangerous and it’s easy to fall and get injured. 

The ladies we minister to have suffered this rocky path, but as they seek Jesus and commit their way to Him, He guides them into truth and sets them free.

An inmate wrote the following, “I’ve been in a long battle with addiction and men who led me astray. I find comfort in looking at this time in NCCW to be a blessing rather than a punishment because the path I was on was very crooked.”

It takes courage to admit our failings and faith to put our trust in the One who leads us along the path of righteousness.

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