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5 Ways to Begin 2021 on a Positive Note

Let’s face it—2020 didn't exactly embody the word ‘positivity.’ But despite all of the bad associated with 2020, there was still a healthy amount of good that came from that unprecedented year. Above all, 2020 showed us how to be compassionate and stick together. 

Looking forward, this is the time to put forth your best effort in 2021. Begin the year with one of these five acts to start on a high note. Or, come up with your own good deeds to spread love in 2021. 

1. Build a Care Package

There are so many people in need as the pandemic took a toll on many. There are countless community members that are now unable to afford essential items due to the pandemic. That’s why it’s a vital season to do more good. Consider putting together a care package for a neighbor, family member or somebody you know that may be struggling. 

Another great option to consider is handing out warm blankets and bags of essential items to the homeless community. Put together some essentials, like toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant. Keep them in your car for the next time you see somebody in need to that you can do something helpful in that moment.

2. Pay It Forward

Next time you’re grabbing a coffee or in a fast-food line, consider paying for the person behind you. While you may need to work up the courage to perform a nice act for a total stranger, this is an option that lets you go virtually unnoticed. You’ll simply have the satisfaction of knowing you helped put a smile on a stranger’s face. They’ll be left with the thought that a simple act of kindness can completely make somebody’s day. Who knows, they may be ready to also pay it forward, and your small act could cause a chain reaction of kindness. 

3. Volunteer

Volunteering for a local nonprofit organization is sure to put a smile on your face—and the faces of others that you’re helping! You could also use this time to become better acquainted with an unfamiliar organization to see if you’d like to donate more of your time this year. If you’re unsure about volunteering during the pandemic, consider reaching out to ask about virtual volunteering options. Many organizations have also needed to shift their thinking, and have since come up with ways to virtually get involved.

4. Donate

Last year was more financially strapping than most. If you’re able, consider giving to a cause that you hold near to your heart. Food banks are especially needed, but many causes are also experiencing hardships as a result of the pandemic. Every amount, no matter how big or small, is a step toward a nonprofit reaching their goals.

5. Commit to Doing Good in 2021

Start off 2021 on a positive note by making a commitment to do good deeds this year. If you’re worried about the time commitment, don’t overcommit to start. Make a goal to something like one small act of kindness a week, or even a month. Remember that any positive actions you can put out into the world can create an equal and opposite reaction.

How are you going to make 2021 a positive year? Consider starting small, or reinforcing the good habits you picked up from 2020. The more you do something, the easier it will become in the future. It’s time to kick off January with goodness in your heart, and keep spreading it all year round. Wishing you a happy and safe new year. 

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