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Jenine's story part 2

Jenine is helping spread God‘s Word to ladies in prison.

Jenine’s story Part 2:  "Today, I am four years sober and living a normal life. I thank God every day."

"Margaret saw God’s impact on me. Then I wanted to give back to the community by becoming a Letter Writer and helping spread God‘s Word to ladies in prison."

Jenine says she has received a few letters, “but I do not let that deter me from writing. Each letter has been such a blessing and has made a huge impact on my heart. The Lord has blessed me with each and every letter and I couldn’t wait to write my ladies back. I have cried and laughed. Here are some excerpts from the letters I’ve received."

Ms A. wrote ”I have appreciated your continued correspondence in my time of need. You have been a constant companion and even though I don’t always write back, you have been a true blessing to me to be reminded of God’s perfect love.”

Follow us tomorrow for Part 3: From Jenine's story and letters from her ladies in prison. 

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